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Ref No: 0019744391
Supply Of 500Kva,3.3/0.433Kv, Service Transformer. Standard Complied: - Is: 11171 Type Of Transformer: - Two Winding Transformer No Of Phases: - Three Frequency: - 50 Hz Indoor / Outdoor Type: - Indoor Cooling: - An (Air Natural) Voltage Ratio: - 3.3/0.433 Kv Rated Power: - 500 Kva Rated Hv Voltage: - 3300 Volts Rated Lv Voltage: - 433 Volts Rated Hv Current: - 87.48 A Rated Lv Current: - 666.69 A Guaranteed %Z At Rated Current At Principal Tap And Rated At 75 Deg C Principal Tap :- 5 % Maximum Tap :- 5.25% Minimum Tap :- 4.75% Insulation Level (A) Hv Side (I) Lighting Impulse Withstand Voltage: - 40 Kv Peak (Ii) Power Frequency Withstand Voltage: - 10 Kvrms (B) Lv Side Power Frequency Withstand Voltage: - 3Kvrms Type Of Cooling: - An(Air Natural) Guaranteed Maximum Temp Rise Over 50Degc Ambient Of Winding :- 90Degc Duty: - Continuous Tap Changer Type :- Off Circuit Tap Link No Of Steps:- Four %Voltage Of Each Tap 2.50% Tap Changer On Hv: - Off Load Tap Changer To Vary The Hv Side Voltages From - 5% To + 5% In Four Equal Steps Of 2.5% Each. Vector Group: - Dyn11 Regulation At Full Load And At 75 Deg.C At Unity Pf - 1.318% At 0.8 Pf - 3.92% Efficiency At 75Deg C At Full Load And Unity Pf 98.50% Load - 98.69% Load - 98.78% Protective Devices: - A Protective Device Wti/Scanner Should Be Provided For Alarm And Tripping. 1) Winding Temp Indicator With Alarm And Trip Contact. As Per Attached Drawing Number-Wti/Scaner 2) Door Lock Protection With Trip Contact. Terminal Details Hv Side - Inbuilt Type Cable Box (Cable Box Shall Be An Integral Part Of Enclosure) Lv Side - Inbuilt Type Cable Box(Cable Box Shall Be An Integral Part Of Enclosure) Termination Details High Voltage Side: - Cable Box Suitable For 3.3Kv, 3C X 150 Sq Mm Xlpe Insulated Cables. Low Voltage Phase And Neutral: - Cable Box Suitable For 433V, 1Cx300sqmm Xlpe Insulated Cables Method Of Earthing (Lvn): - Lv Neutral Solidly Earthed Enclosure Type - Crca Sheet Thickness Of Enclosure 2Mm (Approx) Degree Of Protection Ip32 Paint Shade - Ral5012 Core Material - Crgo Tyoe Of Construction Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer Transformer Detail Rtd Pt 100 Type Protected. Lv Neutral Bushing Detail 1Kv,250A(Addnl Neutral) Transformer Should Have One Ct In Lv Side In Neutral, Detail Of These Ct Given Belowneutral Current Transformers No. Of Cores: 1 Service: Ref Protection Ratio: 800/1 A Accuracy Class: Ps Vk-34.78(Rct+0.444) Imag(Less Than Equal To) 30Ma At Vk/2 Technical Requirement Performance1) Transformers Shall Withstand, Without Injurious Heating, Combined Voltage And Frequency Fluctuations, Which Produce The Following Over Fluxing Condition: I. 110 %- Continuous Ii. 125%- For One Minute Iii. 140%- For Five Seconds 2) The Transformers Shall Be Capable Of Being Operated Continuously Without Danger On Any Tapping At The Rated Kva With Voltage Variation Of 10% Corresponding To The Voltage Of Tapping. 3) The Transformers Shall Be Capable Of Being Loaded In Accordance With Is 11171 Up To Load Of 150 %. There Shall Be No Limitation Imposed By Bushings, Tap Changers Etc. Or Any Other Associated Equipment. Construction1) Each Tank Shall Be Provided With : A. Lifting Lug Suitable For Lifting The Equipment. B. A Minimum Of Four Jacking Pads In Accessible Position To Enable The Transformer Complete To Be Raised Or Lowered Using Hydraulic Or Mechanical Screw Jacks. C. Suitable Haulage Holes Shall Be Provided For Transformer Wheeling In All Four Directions. 2) The Transformers Are To Be Provided With Flanged Bi-Directional Wheels And Axles And Shall Be Mounted On Wheels On Foundation. Suitable Locking Arrangement Shall Be Provided For The Wheels To Prevent Accidental Movement Of Transformer. 3) Adequately Sized Inspection Openings Door Shall Be Provided For Easy Access Of Tap Changing Link With Glass Window. 4) The Core Shall Be Constructed From High-Grade Non-Aging, Cold Rolled, Super Grain Oriented Silicon Steel Laminations. The Contractor Shall Ensure That Windings Of All Transformers Are Made In Dust Proof And Conditioned Atmosphere. All Windings Of The Transformers Shall Be Fully Insulated. 7) Cable Boxes Shall Be Of Phase Segregated Air Insulated Type And Shall Be Of Sufficient Size To Accommodate Employer's Cable And Termination. 8) Cable Boxes Shall Have Bus Bars / Terminal Connectors Of Adequate Size And Bolt Holes To Receive Cable Lugs. 9) The Contractor Shall Provide Earthing Terminals On The Cable Box, To Suit 50 X 8 Mm Gi Flat. 10) An Ip33 Protected Marshalling Box Shall Be Furnished With Transformer To Accommodate Temperature Indicators, Terminal Blocks For Control Cables Etc. The Transformer Shall Be Provided With All Fittings And Accessories To Be Complete In All Respects For Satisfactory Operation. All Devices And Terminal Blocks Inside The Marshalling Box Shall Be Clearly Identified By Symbols. 11) The External Color Of Transformer And Accessories Shall Be Blue Corresponding To Ral 5012. The External Surface Of Transformer And Accessories (Except Radiator) Shall Have Two Coats Of Chemical Resistant Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer And Two Coats Of Polyurethane Finish Paint With Total Dft Of 80 To 150 Microns. The Internal Surface Of M. Box Shall Have Two Coats Of Chemical Resistant Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer And Two Coats Of Chemical And Thermal Resistant Epoxy Enamel White Paint With Total Dft Of 80 To 150 Microns. Fitting 7) Cover Lifting Eyes, Transformer Lifting Lugs, Jacking Pads, Towing Holes And Core And Winding Lifting Lugs. 9) Rating And Diagram Plates On Transformers And Auxiliary Apparatus. Provided). 13) Flanged Bi-Directional Wheels. 14) Marshalling Box. 15) Off Load Tap Changing Link. 19) Terminal Marking Plates 21) Two (2) Earthing Terminals On All The Equipment Mounted - Separately Suitable For Connection To 75 X 12 Mm Gl Flat Along With 2 Nos. Tapped Holes. M10 Bolts Etc. Testingtype Test Report Of Type Test Carried Out On Similar Transformer Within Last 10Yrs. Routine Tests Carried On Transformer As Per Is : 2026 (Part I-1977) (1) Measurement Of Winding Resistance. (2) Measurement Of Voltage Ratio And Check Of Voltage Vector Relationship. (3) Measurement Of Impedance Of Voltage (Principal Tapping), Short Circuit Test, And Load Loss. (4) Measurement Of No Load Loss And Current. (5) Separate-Source Voltage Withstand Voltage. (6) Induced Overvoltage Withstand Test.
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Bilaspur Chhattisgarh  
Value: INR 0.00
   17 Days Left
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Ref No: 0019742694
Procurement Of Pvcdwa 3.3Kv Cables Up To 95 Sq.Mm. .
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Adilabad Telangana  
Value: INR 230000000.00
   18 Days Left
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Ref No: 0019742555
Procurement Of Copper Wires And Cables For Dr.Nttps.
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Amravati Andhra Pradesh  
Value: INR 0.00
   13 Days Left
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Ref No: 0019736937
Supply Of Pvc Copper Cable, Single Core, Unsheathed Cables With Flexible.
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Chandigarh Punjab  
Value: INR 0.00
   12 Days Left
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